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Stop! You have found us!

Stop! You have found us!

If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area and did an internet search for “pest control near me,” stop! You have found us. We are the local pest control service. If you have a pest control problem on your property, we are your go-to guys. Here’s when you need to call us:

When you know for sure, you have a pest infestationWhen you suspect a pest infestationWhen you want to buy or sell a property and need your property thoroughly inspected

Why you need us

We are a team of highly trained and qualified pest control professionals. Our team is not only trained in containing a pest infestation but can also detect any sort of pest infestation before you even realize you have a problem. The quicker a problem is detected, the easier it is to eradicate. So, don't wait until you have proof of any pest infestation. If you suspect a problem, we will get over right away and confirm what type of infestation you might be dealing with.

Our services

FumigationInspection and treatment of bedbugs, termites, rodents, and other pestsRodent proofingAttic insulation removal and replacingSanitization and odor controlGeneral pest controlTermite damage and dry rot repairs

We undertake pest control services for all types of home and business properties.

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