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How Often Should Attic Insulation be Replaced?

How Often Should Attic Insulation be Replaced?

Attic insulation is made to last a lifetime under normal circumstances. However, anything lower than usual scenarios will find you needing to remove and replace the existing insulation. A pest infestation from mice or termites is one such circumstance where you must have your attic insulation replaced. The best people for this job would be your local pest control services that also carry out insulation replacement.

What could cause attic insulation to break down?

As we mentioned, pests like mice or even termites can damage insulation. These little critters are capable of biting clean through the insulation and making burrows and nests inside. Once a rodent has built a nest within your insulation, you can expect a full-blown infestation that would require immediate pest control.

Other causes of insulation damage may include water damage, an incorrect fitting, a break-down of organic materials, and so on. To know for sure if your attic insulation needs replacing and if you suspect that you might have a pest infestation, you should get an inspection done by reputed pest control companies. To be safe and prevent the damage from occurring again, it is wise to have an annual examination of your attic and other insulation, which should be replaced if there are any signs of issues.

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